At Ragnarok Thor does battle with the Midgard Serpent. Thor defeats the mighty snake, but due to its poison, Thor dies after taking nine steps away. Hlothyn is another name for Jord (Earth Mother). Thor is the son of the Earth. This is quite a gruesome image. I wanted to depict the horror of battle mixed with the ooze of poison.

Voluspa - Norse Mythology Book - Verse 55-56

“Hither there comes | the son of Hlothyn,

The bright snake gapes | to heaven above;

Against the serpent | goes Othin’s son.”

“In anger smites |  the warder of earth, —

Forth from their homes |  must all men flee; —

Nine paces fares |  the son of Fjorgyn,

And, slain by the serpent, |  fearless he sinks.”

Bellows Translation