The third and final realm and enemy of the gods is Hel, the land of the dead. Nastrond is the "Corpse-Strand" ruled by the goddess Hel. I love Hel, her image and story is so striking I'm sure this will not be the last time I depict her. The image of snake covered walls filled with venomous smoke was too enticing not to draw! As the image emerged I found it fitting that Hel's posture suggests sadness, I've always found her to be a tragic figure, and in some moments she owns it, but in others the weight of life and death falls to her. I imagine in this moment as the world ends she is filled with grief yet resolute in what will come.

Voluspa - Norse Mythology Book - Verse 38

“A hall I saw, | far from the sun,

On Nastrond it stands, | and the doors face north,

Venom drops | through the smoke-vent down,

For around the walls | do serpents wind.”

Bellows Translation