Voluspa - Norse Mythology Book - Verse 26

“In swelling rage | then rose up Thor, —

Seldom he sits | when he such things hears, —

And the oaths were broken, | the words and bonds,

The mighty pledges | between them made.”

Bellows Translation

I've been searching for an alternate way to represent Thor for a long time. So often he's depicted as a muscle bound red bearded warrior, and that's totally valid, but Thor is a GOD, a spirit of nature, of the wild storm. I wanted to capture that, and with this drawing I think I've started to scratch the surface of what's possible!

-In Germany an Oak Tree is called Donar's Oak (Donar is Thor)
-In part's of Europe a common house leek was grown into thatched roofs to protect against lighting. In the North this plant was called Thor's Beard.
-Thor's goats propel him through the sky
-At the base of Thor's hammer is an oath ring. In many germanic cultures Thor was the keeper of oaths.

I know it's a departure from the norm, but I hope you all dig it!