Voluspa verse 11-12 lists out dwarf names. Some of them have meaning, others you'll recognize, including Gandalf.

I chose to focus on Northri, Suthri, Austri and Vestri, the 4 dwarves that hold up the corners of the sky.

 Voluspa - Norse Mythology Book - Verse 11-12

Nyi and Nithi, | Northri and Suthri,

Austri and Vestri, | Althjof, Dvalin,

Nar and Nain, | Niping, Dain,

Bifur, Bofur, | Bombur, Nori,

An and Onar, | Ai, Mjothvitnir.

Vigg and Gandalf, | Vindalf, Thrain,

Thekk and Thorin, | Thror, Vit and Lit,

Nyr and Nyrath, — | now have I told —

Regin and Rathsvith — | the list aright.

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