The Hávamál Norse Mythology Book – Verse 104


I found the old giant, | now back have I fared,

Small gain from silence I got;

Full many a word, | my will to get,

I spoke in Suttung's hall.

-Hávamál v104, Bellows translation

Bellows Notes: The giant Suttung ("the old giant") possessed the magic mead, a draught of which conferred the gift of poetry. Othin, desiring to obtain it, changed himself into a snake, bored his way through a mountain into Suttung's home, made love to the giant's daughter, Gunnloth, and by her connivance drank up all the mead. Then he flew away in the form of an eagle, leaving Gunnloth to her fate. While with Suttung he assumed the name of Bolverk ("the Evil-Doer").

Verse 104 marks the beginning of the tale of "Odin and the Mead of Poetry," a relatively small section of The Hávamál consisting of only 7 verses, but an enjoyable one if you like stories!