Odin's Secrets

"Yggdrasil shakes, | and shiver on high
The ancient limbs, | and the giant is loose;
To the head of Mim | does Othin give heed,
But the kinsman of Surt | shall slay him soon."

– Voluspa, verse 47 Bellows Translation


"Odin's Secrets" depicts Odin in his guise as Grimnir, the hooded one, wandering a wintery Midgard in search of his secret knowledge. Odin's two ravens Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory), fly across Middle-Earth each day gathering all the happenings of the world to report to the All-Father. In addition to his ravens, Odin can commune with the dead. One of his most potent artifacts is the preserved head of Mimir, the dead god of knowledge and wisdom. Mimir's head whispers secrets that only the High One gets to know.

 Copyright © 2013 Sam Flegal, All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Sam Flegal, All Rights Reserved

The original painting was done in oil and measures 18" x 24".