loki the shifter

Thirsty I come | into this thine hall,
I, Lopt, from a journey long,
To ask of the gods | that one should give
Fair mead for a drink to me.

– Lokasenna, verse 6, Bellows Translation


My goal for the painting was to show Loki merging with and swirling into all the various animals he is associated with both in the ancient myths and by modern pagans. Those animals include: horse, salmon, snake, spider, wolf, seal, falcon, and fly. The pattern on his shirt was taken from a norse stone. The pattern is thought by some to represent Loki entwined by two snakes.


The original painting was done in oil and measures 12" x 16".

 Copyright © 2013 Sam Flegal, All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2013 Sam Flegal, All Rights Reserved