The Care and Feeding of Your Hoedkin


Every home has a spirit. I call them Hoedkin. Treat yours well and you will bring luck to your home and family. Mistreat one and you will find more than your share of mischief.

Step One — A Place to Stay

Just as each family member has a room and bed, so too, does your Hoedkin need a place to rest. I recommend finding a suitable painting* and hanging it in the central room of your home. In days of old, this was the hearth; in modern times, this might be the kitchen or TV room. The place that family members tend to congregate is most likely the “center” of the home.

It will also be important to have a ledge near the painting, a shelf, or some sort of flat surface. Here you can collect little things that speak to you as belonging to the Hoedkin. I also recommend a candle.

*If a painting is unavailable a statue or little house will also work.

Step Two — Invitation

After you’ve established your Hoedkin’s dwelling, let them know that you honor them and invite them into your home. Place any other objects that belong to the Hoedkin on the shelf, and light the candle.

Step Three — Care and Feeding

Hoedkin don’t require much, but every Thursday they like a bit of Beer or Milk and a nice hot bowl of porridge. Place the items on the Hoedkin’s shelf, thank him for his service, and let them sit out overnight. In the morning, place any remaining food and beverage outside, either on a rock in a garden belonging to your family. Bring the dishes back inside and clean them.

Step Four — Party!

Hoedkin love gatherings! Any time you celebrate a holiday at your home, make sure to set aside a bit of the food and drink for your Hoedkin. Leave it out overnight, and take care of it as described above.

And that’s it! Honor your Hoedkin and they will honor you!